Battery. Charging and use

SATPRO is designed to work with the built-in 4S/14.8V/4800mAh LiOn battery, which is interchangeable together with a 5A fuse.

The battery has a protective circuit against over consumption, low voltage and high voltage, as well as control of the charging current..

The fuse shouldn’t blow as there is a protective circuit in the battery, this is the last security in case the battery protector fails and there is a short circuit.

Approximate average duration with 4S/14.8V/4800mAh LiOn battery: 8 to 10 hours (Only SATPRO consumption without heater 0.35A to 0.8A).

Battery Status

Battery Status LiOn 4S/14.8V/4800mAh: You can see the current voltage of the local battery from the SATPRO display, depending on whether the voltage is high or low the color will change.

When the local battery is working on the SATPRO panel, the green led “BATT IN” will light up and if SATPRO has an external battery connected, the green led “BATT EXT” will also light up.

Minimum voltage: 12.4V Cells at 3.1V. If there is less voltage, the battery’s low voltage protector may trip and disconnect.

Rated Voltage: 14.8V.

Maximum voltage: 16.8V battery fully charged.

External Battery or DC Power Supply

You can connect a higher capacity external battery to power the SATPRO.

The battery voltage can be between 12Vdc to 24Vdc with a minimum of 5Ah. No matter the battery technology.

Local Battery and External Battery at the same time

You can connect the SATPRO battery and the external battery at the same time, but SATPRO will only consume from the battery with the highest voltage.

In case the main battery voltage is low and you want to continue working, you should connect a power supply or an external battery as soon as possible. It is not necessary to stop or restart the SATPRO.

The connection is protected, if you invert the terminals nothing will happen. You can use the supplied cable with alligator clips.

Steps to Charge Local Battery

To charge the local SATPRO battery, follow these steps:

It isn’t necessary to remove the battery module from the side of the SATPRO case, you can charge it directly or if it is easier for you then remove the two knobs and charge the battery module separately.

First: Disconnect the female XT60 connector from the SATPRO battery.

Second: Connect the adapter cable with XT60 male connector to Jack connector to the charger that is included in the SATPRO transport case.

Third: Take the charging adapter connect it to the 100V-240VAC current and connect the XT60 connector to the XT60 connector of the battery. Once the charger is feeding the battery, it will show a red led (Charging Battery), once the battery is fully charged and the charge is finished, the green led will be shown (Charged battery).

The battery will charge at 5Ah, it may take an hour or a little more if it is completely discharged.

Internal battery doesn’t turn on SATPRO, battery disconnected?

If the internal battery isn’t charged or used for several days, it is possible that it deactivates automatically and when you turn on the SATPRO it doesn’t work.

To activate the battery you will have to connect the charger for a few seconds and then you can reconnect it to the SATPRO.