Before using the SATPRO system you should review the following:

  • Connect the RF antennas first: Before turning on the SATPRO, always connect the RF antennas first, otherwise the transmission systems may be damaged and this type of failure isn’t covered by the warranty.
  • Secure the workspace: Be sure not to put people, objects or wires in the range of movement of the antenna, as it may cause damage or malfunction.
  • Transport: Avoid shock during transportation or operation, some of the components may be damaged.
  • Stability and fixation of the SATPRO: Ensure the stability of the tripod to avoid accidental falls that can cause serious damage to SATPRO. If necessary, use steel cables fixing them to the ground.
  • Antennas: Large antennas must be balanced in weight, otherwise the mechanical torque limiter will act, releasing the arm to avoid mechanical breakdowns..
  • Local GPS and magnetometer: Don’t put metallic objects or any other type on top of the SATPRO that prevent the reception of your local GPS or errors in the magnetometer.
  • Rain: although SATPRO has insulators and joints to prevent water, it is not waterproof, if it rains and you can’t stop using it, you must cover it and protect it from water as soon as possible.
  • LiOn Battery: Lithium Ion batteries can safely operate between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius, but the optimal temperature range to maximize battery life is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. The default battery is not thermocontrolled.
  • To charge the battery: the temperature should not drop below 15 degrees Celsius, at 0 degrees Celsius it shouldn’t charge.
  • Do not break warranty seals. It is only allowed to open the SATPRO if you have received written authorization from DMD. If the warranty seal or there are indications that the system has been opened without authorization from DMD, the warranty will be void.