DL1TXV2 Battery. Charging and Use


Battery Information

The DL1TXV2 transmitter has an internal 3.7V 5000mAh lithium polymer battery.

The battery has a protective circuit against over consumption, low voltage and high voltage, as well as control of the charging current..

Approximate average duration with 1S/3.7V/5000mAh lithium polymer battery: 14 hours.


Battery Features


Average consumption: 320mAh.

Voltage: 3.7V | 4.2V at full load.

Capacity: 5000mAh.

Cells: 1.

Type: Lithium Polymer.

Approximate duration: 14h.


Protection and security:

Protected against over current.

Protected against excess load. automatic disconnection

Protected against excess discharge. automatic disconnection

Audible warning and low battery display.

Automatic shutdown by software in case of very low battery.



Maximum load: 1A.

Connection: USB (Micro-B).

Charging Modes: Automatic.

Compatibility: It is compatible with standard mobile phone chargers.

The internal charger is capable of powering and keeping the DL1TXV2 running with a discharged battery. It depends on the USB that feeds it, it should be at least 1A.


Basic Operation

You can see the current voltage of the internal battery from the DL1TXV2 display, depending on whether the voltage is high or low the color will change.

Minimum voltage: 3.5V. If there is less voltage, the battery’s low voltage protector may trip and disconnect.

Rated Voltage: 3.7V.

Maximum voltage: 4.2V battery fully charged.



Battery Charge: It is activated when the battery is charging through the USB port.

External Battery: It is activated when the battery is fully charged.

Charge DL1TXV2 Battery

To charge the battery you have to connect the micro USB to the USB connector of the DL1TXV2.

Attention: the USB micro-B connector is small and although it is mechanically reinforced, you must connect it carefully so as not to tear it from the printed circuit,
as it can cause a failure that disables the DL1TXV2. Mechanical breakage of the USB connector is not covered by the warranty.

You can charge the battery with standard mobile phone chargers or directly to the PC.

These chargers or USB ports must allow at least 1A of current at 5V. If they are 1.5A or more, better, it is not a problem since the DL1TXV2 charger will limit the battery charge to approximately 1A.

Maximum battery charge: 1A.