Tracker Antenna for UAVs, Drones and other vehicles


SATPRO antenna tracking system

The SATPRO antenna tracking system helps to have the best possible radio link at all times, sending and receiving Radio Control, Telemetry and video data.

The way SATPRO works consists of automatically pointing the high-gain terrestrial directional antennas at the drone or UAV automatically to obtain the best amount of signal and achieve the greatest possible range of the system.

The SATPRO calculates the angle where the remote vehicle is located by combining the GPS position data of the SATPRO, the GPS position of the UAV or Drone, the amount of radio signal received at the antennas or Rssi, the speed and distance of the vehicle.

To receive the GPS position of the UAV, SATPRO uses the Mavlink protocol through the Data Link.


In this mode it can be used in several ways:

  • SATPRO With Ground Stations XLRS as GCSD5 with video. More info…
  • SATPRO With XLRS Data Links such as DL1V2 or BTSD1V3 for long-range systems (up to 250Km) without video. More info…
  • SATPRO With Data Links from other brands. (it is necessary to use the CURCB and CTRCB modules). More info…