SATPRO With Data Links from other brands


SATPRO doesn’t just work with XLRS systems.
It is easy to use with almost any Data Link of the brand you prefer.

System composition:

it is a PC (or your base station), CURCB module, Tracker Antenna (SATPRO), CRTCB Module and your Data Link












The CTRCB module is easily installed in the SATPRO


Comunications RCBus:

RCBus is a proprietary protocol from Digital Micro Devices for XLRS systems.

SATPRO communications in version 1.x only work for comads and telemetry with the RCBus protocol and with the 1Mb RCBus physical interface, which is the usual way that XLRS systems use to communicate all the modules and microcontrollers of the system.


Data Link from other brands:

To use a Data Link from other brands you will need a CURCB module (RCBus to USB converter) to connect the SATPRO via USB to a PC and the CTRCB module (RCBus to TTL Serial converter) to connect the SATPRO to the data Link and be able to read the telemetry. Mavlink

In this way the telemetry will reach the CTRCB module, from there to the SATPRO and the CURCB module to finally reach the PC with software such as Mission Planner or similar compatible with the MAVLINK protocol. It’s harder to explain than to connect.


What does your data Link need to be able to work with SATPRO:
A TTL Serial interface to 38400b, with maximum levels of 3.3V. Exceptionally, you can use 115200b although it is not recommended since the internal bandwidth reserved for telemetry is 40,000b.


How to pass video streaming:
Over Ethernet. Connect the Ethernet output of your data Link to the SATPRO in the rotating part and then in the fixed (non-rotating) connection panel you can connect Ethernet to your PC or Router.

Command mode or Streaming (Telemetry) mode:

Commands can be used for the SATPRO from the PC through the CURCB module as long as telemetry packets are not received from the DataLink (one way is that it is disconnected from the CTRCB) since the system will stop being in command mode and go to streaming mode. or what is the same prepared to work with telemetry.

This works automatically.

More details in the CURCB and CTRCB module manuals.