Direct Commands


To further automate and customize the system, the same commands can be sent from any remote application via UDP or TCP ports, just like the XLRS_SATPRO app does.

You can test text commands directly in the app’s console (with commands set to OFF), or see how SATPRO generates and responds if you enter the value for ORG (HOME=Manual), which will turn yellow, and then press enter. More details can be found in the Text Console section.


Identifying the Product:

To identify the product, you can send the command:


The response will be:

< ID SATPRO 6.55b066 IP:25 004A3703040E TRACKERDMD OK

Explanation of the response:

  • < indicates the start of the response message.
  • ID is the product identification command.
  • SATPRO 6.55b066 is the firmware version.
  • IP:25 is the device number for the RCBus protocol or commands via COM.
  • 004A3703040E is the hardware MAC address.
  • TRACKERDMD is the customized name of the equipment.
  • OK indicates the end of the response message.
Updating the Position:

To remotely update the position (GPSOJB) of the SATPRO, you can use a port that decodes Mavlink (Prop = MAV) or send direct commands (Prop = CMD) through the port.

Changing the ORG Position or SATPRO HOME without using Mavlink:

To change the position of ORG or SATPRO HOME, send the command:

ORG 395625331 -3388666 28

Explanation of the command:

  • ORG is the command to change the position.
  • 395625331 is the latitude in decimal degrees.
  • -3388666 is the longitude in decimal degrees.
  • 28 is the altitude in meters.

These commands allow for flexible remote control and configuration of the SATPRO system, making it adaptable to various operational needs.