SATPRO Mavlink


    • To determine the vehicle’s position, the SATPRO supports Mavlink packets via Ethernet (UDP or TCP) or RCBus provided by the CTRCB or a WMX481 transmitter module.The Mavlink parameter is used to activate the processing of Mavlink packets.
      • Activity Indicator:
        • When activated, an indicator will show green if Mavlink packets are being received and red if not.
        • Additionally, there is an indicator showing the number of GPS packets received per second. At least one packet per second should be received, with the optimal rate being two to three packets per second.

      The accepted Mavlink packets are:

      • GPS_RAW_INT ($18)
      • HOME_POSITION ($F2)

      As soon as valid Mavlink packets are received, the SATPRO will move to point at the vehicle. Remember that at 0º, the SATPRO should be pointing north. If Mavlink is not selected, these indicators will not appear.





Mavlink Window


If you want to view more real-time information about the Mavlink packets that SATPRO is receiving, you can access this through the menu and select Mavlink.

This will open a small window, as shown in the image, providing detailed information on how the Mavlink packets are being received by the SATPRO.


  • RX GPS/S Indicator:
    • Changes color based on the number of packets per second:
      • 0 packets/second: Red
      • 1 packet/second: Orange
      • ≥2 packets/second: Green
  • RX HOME Indicator:
    • Indicates the number of HOME packets received from the vehicle. Remember, these are only useful when the SATPRO’s HOME mode is set to MAV.
    • Changes color based on the number of packets:
      • 0 packets: Red
      • 1 or more packets: Green

All fields in this window are read-only.

By positioning the mouse on the different data, the help text explaining the different parameters will appear.

Init button:

Click if you want to restart the statistics. Mavlink statistics are processed in the SATPRO and not in the PC App.