Text Console


The XLRS_SATPRO app features a console where text commands can be sent to the SATPRO, and responses can be received.

Console Functionality:

  • The app continuously sends cyclic commands to the SATPRO to check its status and position.
    • As a result, you will see text continuously moving on the console screen. These are the responses to the commands sent by the app. The commands being sent are visible in the text box at the bottom of the console.
  • If you see commands changing but no responses appearing in the console, it is possible that the data link (COM, UDP, or TCP) is broken.
    • An icon at the top right of the main window indicates the status of the data link: a green check if everything is fine, or a red cross if communication is interrupted.
    • Below “ON” in the console, you will see the type of active link (COM, UDP, or TCP).

Enabling Command Echo:

  • If you want to trace and view the commands sent to the SATPRO on the screen, activate the ECHO CMD checkbox.

Sending Commands from the Text Console:

  • To send commands from the text console, switch “ON” to “OFF”. This stops the cyclic sending of commands from the app to the SATPRO.
  • Simply type the command in the text box of the console and press enter.
    • For example: ID + enter
    • Or: ORG + enter
  • You will see the SATPRO respond immediately.

This functionality allows you to manually interact with the SATPRO, test specific commands, and troubleshoot issues directly from the console.