Vehicle GPS Position


The vehicle’s position can be viewed in the VEHICLE parameter in the main window. When the Mavlink protocol is selected and valid data is received (see SATPRO Mavlink), the position in VEHICLE is automatically updated.

Depending on the selected HOME mode, and if Mavlink is disconnected or no data is sent from the vehicle, you can manually enter the vehicle’s position in decimal degrees format. This is useful for quickly testing that the Tracker works correctly and points to the vehicle’s real direction without needing to field test it.


Steps to Enter Coordinates:

  1. Orientation:
    • Ensure the tracker is initially oriented with 0º to the north.
  2. Entering Coordinates:
    • A simple way to enter coordinates is to use Google Earth, set it to decimal degrees, and find the desired position on the map. Fix the coordinates and paste them into VEHICLE.
  3. Manual Entry:
    • When you click on the VEHICLE text fields to type or paste the coordinates, the fields will change color to yellow. You can then enter the new coordinates.
    • You can also enter the altitude in meters (note: altitude is not the same as height).

If Mavlink is active and vehicle data is being received, you will see the coordinates in VEHICLE updating in real-time.

For additional information, you can open the “Vehicle” window from the menu. All the data in this window is read-only.


Direct Commands:

SATPRO can receive direct commands via COM, UDP or TCP.
For SATPRO to point to a vehicle address you can use a port that decodes Mavlink (Prop = MAV) or send direct commands (Prop = CMD) through the port.

To change the position of the vehicle without using MAVLINK:

GPSOBJ 395603570 -3322040 12

Command, Latitude, longitude, altitude in meters
Latitude and Longitude (Long in Decimal Degrees)

You can test this text command directly in the App console (Commands OFF), or see how the SATPRO is generated and responds if you enter the ORG value (HOME=Manual) it will turn yellow and press enter.


Important: Positions in decimal degrees format, compatible google Earth, with altitude in meters.

SATPRO at 0º should be oriented to the north.