What Can You Do Now with SATPRO V2?


Complete Control, Integration, and Adaptation

With SATPRO V2, it is now very easy and quick to test the system using the Windows software XLRS_SATPRO. You can quickly learn its operation, facilitating the creation of applications or integration into more complex systems, controlling SATPRO with your own application. It is so simple that you can perform a test in minutes.


XLRS Systems:
Connecting SATPRO to a GCSD5 case (XLRS ground control station) is very easy. Similarly, you can connect it to an XLRS WMX481 radio modem or similar, with which you can achieve distances of up to 250 km.

Other Systems:
You can use radio modems or video systems from almost any brand, as long as they have a serial or Ethernet interface.


Prepared for Remote Installations

SATPRO V2 is designed to be used in remote installations, where it can be far from the ground control station. This includes scenarios where the UAV or vehicle starts more than 10 km from SATPRO, or fixed installations where SATPRO is 75 km or more from the base station. You can connect it via long-range WiFi or satellite internet, controlling the tracker as if it were only 5 meters from the ground station.


Positioning and Control Modes

SATPRO V2 can be positioned or controlled in various ways:

  1. Automatically with Internal Calculations:
    • Using vehicle telemetry connected via serial port, UDP, or TCP.
    • It calculates SATPRO’s position (manually or by command) using the vehicle’s GPS position automatically, either through commands or Mavlink protocol.
  2. Building Your Own Software Application:
    • Through text commands sent via COM, UDP, or TCP ports.
    • For example, sending “DXY=40.3,1”, SATPRO will immediately point to that direction (X 40.3º and Y 1º).
    • You can also send the GPS position of the tracker’s home and the vehicle’s GPS position for SATPRO to calculate and position itself automatically.
  3. Manual:
    • Through the XLRS SATPRO software console, you can control the tracker’s exact position.
    • The console also allows you to view commands and their responses, providing a clear and detailed view of the system’s status.

With these options, you can control SATPRO V2 in the way that best suits your needs.



Metal Structure

  • Several improvements have been made to SATPRO V2’s metal structure to increase its durability and efficiency.

Electronic PCB

  • Powerful protectors have been added for transients and lightning surges on the RCBus line.
  • New non-volatile FRAM memory.
  • Improvements in the wiring, now more modular.


  • New Ethernet interface for commands and Mavlink protocol.
  • 8 available TCP or UDP ports, now supporting RCBus and Ethernet.
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces for radio modem and Full HD video, or redundant control systems.
  • Ethernet communications are fast and stable, providing precise system control.
  • Ready to use long-distance WiFi or satellite internet for remote installations.

Updated Firmware

  • New functionalities and more commands for control and data have been added.


  • New software, faster, more advanced, and stable than DMD_Studio.
  • Easy visualization of SATPRO’s position and main data, its configuration, and peripheral details.
  • Graphics to see SATPRO’s position, communication statistics, Mavlink packets, motor status, sensors, GPS, vehicle’s GPS, and much more.
  • Access SATPRO from multiple PCs simultaneously through the local network and the internet.

Note: DMD_Studio will still be necessary to update SATPRO’s firmware.

With these enhancements, SATPRO V2 offers a more robust and efficient user experience, allowing precise and adaptable control for various applications and environments.