Radio Control


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The purpose of this guide is a quick check of the Radio Control between the WMX481 radio module and the RXLRS receiver, take these tests in the office.

You will use: The SATPRO tracker antenna together with the WMX481 radio module, RXLRS receiver connected to some servos and XLRS GCS o XLRS Transmitter.

Depending on the XLRS GCS or XLRS Transmitter you use, the RXLRS is already configured at the factory and has the RC channels assigned to the joysticks, buttons or switches of its XLRS transmitter.

For the first tests it isn’t necessary to modify the RXLRS configuration.



Please don’t modify any servo parameters in RXLRS and perform the tests below.

Later, when you have more experience and understand how the entire XLRS system works, if necessary, you can modify assigning the RC channels to your liking.

Connect SATPRO with XLRS GCS or XLRS Transmitter through RCBUS cable

In this example we will explain how to connect SATPRO with a XLRS GCS.

You can follow the same example if you have another XLRS product: XLRS GCS (GCSD4, GCSD5) or XLRS Transmitter modified to communicate with SATPRO (XPAD1, XPAD2V3, XPAD3V2).


Before starting:

Have all XLRS devices turned off.


Firts Steps:

Place the GCS near SATPRO.

The GCS and SATPRO must be turned off.


Take the RCBUS cable that comes in the SATPRO transport case.


Connect the RCBUS cable on the side of the GCS into the “RCBUS” connector and the external “RCBUS” connector of SATPRO.



Turn on the GCS from the ON/OFF key: Start up and stop.

Turn on SAPTRO from the ON/OFF switch.

Beep on GCS:

If the RXLRS receiver is turned off, then the GCS may begin to beep and display “Fail Safe” indicating that there isn’t link to the receiver.

If the SATPRO isn’t connected and is turned off, then it is also possible for the GCS to start beeping and display “No SAT”.

Can beep if the battery is very low, please check it (The central display will indicate the battery level and if it is low it will change color and a warning message will appear): Charge and use Battery.

If everything is well connected and you have GCS and SATPRO on you should only have a FAIL SAFE beep, once you turn on RXLRS the beep will go off.

Radio Control with RXLRS and XLRS GCS

In the RXLRS receiver connect some servos directly to the RC channels (CH1 and CH3), GCS by default is working in MODE 2 (More information. Display: TX MODE, Transmitter Mode and Hot Buttons: Pilot Mode/ TX Mode) and the RXLRS has assigned CH3 to JOYLY (Left Joystick “Y”) and CH1 to JOYRX (Right Joystick “X”).

Turn on RXLRS.

From the GCS display you can see the XLRS radio and XLRS telemetry data.

Now gently move the move the JOYLY (Left joystick “Y”) up and down and the JOYRX (Right joystick “X”) to the Right and Left, the servos should follow the movement of the Joysticks, moving +-45º if it is a standard RC servo.

In GCS from the side screens you can check the maximum and minimum values of the Joysticks (-1000, 0 in the center, +1000) and from the central screen you can see the RSSI values and other XLRS Telemetry data, you can also see some data on the current status of SATPRO.