Test SATPRO operation, inside or outside the office



The purpose of this test is to perform a quick verification of the operation of the SAPTRO.

You will carry out a test inside or outside the office and we will verify that SATPRO is receiving Mavlink telemetry data from the GPS of our autopilot and we will also communicate with mission planner from the GCS. On the other hand, you will take a tray or container and place the RXLRS, Cube Orange and Batteries to have the entire system portable, you will move with the tray about 10 meters away and you will walk around the SATPRO to check that it is tracking correctly .

You will use: The SATPRO tracker antenna together with the WMX481 radio module, XLRS GCS o XLRS Transmitter and a tray or similar to place the RXLRS receiver and Cube Orange.


Before continuing with this test, to have correct operation and avoid any breakdown during the process, it is very important and necessary that you have read all the previous steps in the SATPRO manual.

Firts Steps:

1- All devices turned off.

2- Place the SATPRO pointing north. You can use a compass or download software with a digital compass for your mobile.

3- Turn on GCS or XLRS transmitter.

4- Turn on SATPRO.

5- Place the autopilot, RXLRS receiver and batteries on a mobile platform such as a tray or similar.

6- Once you have the devices placed, connected and installed in the tray, if possible you will go outside and turn them on, you will wait to receive GPS.

7- Then you return with the tray to the office and check from the display that SATPRO is receiving GPS data.

8- Once the telemetry is activated, when SATPRO begins to receive Mavlink (GPS) telemetry packets, it will begin to move since it will be receiving different coordinates, as you can check in Mission Planner, the aircraft isn’t fixed and is in constant movement and if the GPS indicates that it is less than 5 meters away then SATPRO will not move for safety reasons.

9- Communicate and connect GCS or XLRS Transmitter with Mission Planner.

10- From the main Mission Planner screen, verify that you have GPS.

11- From the main screen of Mission Planner, in the “Actions” tab, click on “Armed/disarmed”, arm the autopilot so that it detects the Home.

Note: If for any reason you can’t arm the autopilot from Mission Planner, a solution is to connect the autopilot to the PC via USB, connect with Mission Planner and force arming.

12- Once armed, it will automatically set the Home.

13- If you want for this test you can set the Home manually in the SATPRO position, on the mission planner map, set the home manually indicating the approximate position of the SATPRO, with the mouse, right click and Set Home Here / Set Home Here.

14- Once Home is established, you will take the tray and move inside or outside the office to check that SATPRO is following us. Remember you have to move more than 5 meters away from the SATPRO.

15- Last test, this test can be performed either inside the office or outside the office.

15.1- Test (1 people): You will need a minimum space >10 meters and have direct vision of the SATPRO, to facilitate the test it may be better to perform the entire test outside the office, now take the tray and move approximately 10 meters away and if possible move around the SATPRO so that it makes a 360º movement following the GPS which will be placed on the tray.

15.2- Test (2 people): One person can be in the office reviewing the map and the movement of SATPRO and the other person will walk around the office outside so that SATPRO makes a 360º movement following the GPS which will be placed on the tray.