Audible and Visual Alarms

The DL1TXV2 transmitter has several audible alarms, these alarms emit different audible sounds depending on the type of warning.

Also on the DL1TXV2 display you can show different visual alarms such as icons, text color changes or messages to indicate to the user what is happening. 

Some of the alarm messages are usually shown in the lower block of the display.

Fail Safe:

Sound: “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…” (Constant beeps) It is activated when there is a loss of the RF signal or there is a failure in data transmission.

Display: Shows the text “Fail Safe” | The number of valid packets will be displayed as “0pS” | The graphs of RSSI RX and RSSI TX will disappear.


Battery Low Voltage:

Sound: It activates when the battery is very low or below 3.5V.

Display: Depending on the current voltage it will show different colors (3.4V3.7V4.2V).


RF Noise (dBm):

Display: Depending on the current RF noise, the text will change color to green, orange or red if it has a lot of noise. (Which will be indicating that there is some very close interference that is affecting the radio). If the RF Noise is: >=90 (Dark Green), <=90 (Red), <=100 (Orange), <=109 (Dark Red).



Display: Depending on the current temperature of the device, it will change color to red if the temperature is too low or too high. If the temperature is: >49 (Red), >60 (White and red background), <9 (Cyan), <49 and >10 (Green)



Display: When the time limit of battery life is exceeded, it will change color to Orange – Red if the time is longer than the battery life.