Leds & Display


DL1TXV2 Leds

Link TX1: It is activated when it has a link with a main receiver XLRS module.

RF TX1: It is activated when the TX module is transmitting.

Link TX2: It is activated when it has a link with a secondary receiver XLRS module. (Only works on redundant DL1TXV2 device).

RF TX2: RF transmission secondary radio module. It is activated when the TX module is transmitting. (Only works on redundant DL1TXV2 device).

Wifi: Activates when Wi-Fi module is on.

Battery Charge: It is activated when the battery is charging through the USB port.

Battery Status: It is activated when the battery is fully charged.


DL1TXV2 Display

It has a 1.5″ TFT IPS color display to show some parameters of the radio and the status of the system in general, it also has a button encoder to navigate through the menu or modify parameters.

Radio System (Upper Block):

Current RF Channel: Shows the RF channel in Fixed mode or the minimum and maximum channel in FHSS mode.

RSSI RX: Received packets in graph.

40pS: Quantity of valid packets per second of Data received in the receiver.

Frequency Band: Selected frequency band.

RSSI TX: Received Packets in graph.

-43dBm: RF signal quantity (RSSI) received by the Receiver of Radio Modem.

RF Noise Level: Average background RF noise level of the radio channel in dBm.

RF mode Status: Shows the selected mode Fixed or FHSS.


Information and others (Central block):

4.2V: Shows the current voltage.

RF mode Status: It shows the mode to send/receive transparent data or telemetry (USB, COM5 or Wifi) and the “CMD” command mode. To send transparent data or telemetry can only work on a single port: USB, COM5 or Wifi | To communicate with the device through “CMD” commands you can use “CMD” or the other ports that are free | For example, if you have the data link via “USB” you will be able to communicate by commands from the DMDStudio software through the “COM5 or “Wifi” port.

3:08:01 Time: Shows the working time since DL1TXV2 was turned on. If the DL1TXV2 is started again, the timer will be started again and will be reset to 0.

34ºC: Shows the current temperature in degrees Celsius.

DL1RX Leds

RF: RF TX or Packet Transmission, if not linked it sends a data packet every second, once it is linked to an XLRS transmitter the led it will be shown fixed.

Link RF: RF Link or Packet reception, it turns on when have a link to an XLRS transmitter and the led it will show fixed. If there isn’t link it will be off.