Getting Started


To get started, you need to have the SATPRO connected to the COM port via a Ground Control Station GCSD5 or the USB to RCBus converter module CURCB. Follow these steps:

  1. Power On the Devices:
    • Turn on the GCSD5 or CURCB and SATPRO.
    • For the first time you connect it to the software you must connect through the COM port.
    • Note: For CURCB to work, you must have the LEDs steady (If they are flashing, reset the device).
  2. Ethernet Connection (Optional):
    • If you are using Ethernet, connect the SATPRO to the router.
  3. Preparing the SATPRO:
    • For testing purposes, the SATPRO does not need to have the arms, antennas, or additional peripherals attached.
  4. Activate the Application:
    • Launch the XLRS_SATPRO application.
  5. Device Connection Form:
    • The device connection form will open immediately.
  6. First-Time Setup:
    • For the first time, it is recommended to use the COM port. Enter the COM port number in the input field and click the “Open COM” button.
  7. Power On SATPRO:
    • Turn on the SATPRO. It will begin the initial calibration of the X and Y axes.
  8. Monitoring the Process:
    • If everything goes well and the COM port opens correctly, you will start seeing the command and response text in the console.
    • You will also see the movement of the SATPRO Tracker arms, along with position data, battery voltage, and temperature on the graph.
  9. Calibration:
    • Wait until the calibration completes and the SATPRO stops moving.